EACM Chart Week Of April 19th 2021

1) Randy C Moore-Big In Texas

2) Ross Kennedy-Beautiful Sunrise

3) Cash Creek-You Were Made For That 

4) Bernadette Kathryn-Kissing This Town Goodbye

5) Parmalee & Blanco Brown-Just The Way

6) Dirt Road Angels-Seven Bridges Road

7) Kelsey Bovey-I Found Me

8) Alan Turner-Ain't Life A Good Thing

9) Marty Rivers-If Only These Walls Could Talk

10) Dennis Ledbetter-The Road I've Traveled On

11) Robert Eskridge & Southern Daze-I Can't Win (For Losing You)

12) Paul Randy Mingo-The Way

13) Luke Bryan-Down To One

14) Chantelle Mussell-Perfect Little Failure

15) Danny Kensy-Lonely Girl

16) Cathy Jewell-Please Blue Moon

17) Diamonds & Whiskey-Wasted On Your Love

18) Aaron McDonnell-Tell The Devil

19) Sharon Marie White-Small Town Prayer

20) Robert Hiscock-Don't Wanna Live Without You

21) Danny McMahon-Better Like That

22) Gabrielle Metz-Hey Cupid

23) Cumberland River Project-She Takes Me Home

24) See Your Shadow-Today I Do Became I Don't

25) Charlotte Young-On The Loose

26) Dr Friday-Cruisin

27) Rusty Dillard-With You

28) Karisa Kay-Just Enough

29) Kim Hunter-Eight In The Morning

30) John Omen-Whiskey Bar




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