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EACM Chart Week Of April 15th 2024

1) Megan Barker-CowBoys

2) Gary Matheny-Back Where I Belong

3) EV Mae-New Lyric

4) Riley Braker-I Know A Guy

5) Ariel Franz-I Will Remember You

6) Danny McMahon-Honky Tonk Girl

7) Greg Strawn-A Little Peace

8) Cash Creek-Lucky In Love

9) Trent Prewitt & Riley Braker-Read Your Mind

10) Randy C Moore-Jericho

11) Colt McGlaughlin-Redneck Money

12) Terri Knight-Whiskey & Promises

13) Uncle Ryano-The Turkey Fought Back

14) Dennis Ledbetter & Nikki Nelson-How Far Would You Go

15) Carrie Romero-Eyes In The Back Of My Heart

16) Brayden Ryle-You Still Move Me

17) Sucia Rosa-Before It's Too Late

18) Kim Hunter-This Time

19) Kaylan Gardner-All The World To See

20) Cathy Jewell-Sail On

21) Eric Atkinson-Old As I Am

22) Dawn Rix-Pain Killer

23) Travis Reid Ball-Parting Ways

24) Mike McAdoo-Two Can Play That Game

25) Brian Moon-Train Wreck Love

26) Justin Penter-Fire Down In Texas

27) Lee Sims-Alcohol Of Fame

28) Burt Winkler-The Grand Tour

29) Diamonds & Whiskey-Blonde Ambition

30) Henry Jackson-Honky Tonk Hippie




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