EACM Chart Week Of September 19th 2022

1) Melissa Pettignano-Look At You

2) Ross Kennedy-Pandemic Trucker

3) Ray Mussell-Easy Money

4) Cathy Jewell-Engraved

5) Paul Randy Mingo-While I Drank

6) Tommy Steele Band-Real Americans

7) Cash Creek-It Feels Good

8) Avery Anna-Narcissist

9) Jason Walsmith-Follow The Land Line

10) Marty Rivers & Marisa D'Amato-Lucky Me

11) See Your Shadow Songwriting-Missing West Virginia

12) Alan Turner-You Sure Do

13) Randy C Moore-Luckenbach

14) Kelsea Ballerini-Heartfirst

15) Danny McMahon-Forget About That

16) Billy James Brady-Salute To The Summertime

17) Tony Watson-We Ain't Motorboatin'

18) Karisa Kay-Let The Spirit Reveal The Beauty

19) Pat Green-Steady

20) Restless Road-Growing Old With You

21) Sonny Morgan-John Deere Steering Wheel

22) Brooke Moriber-This Town Made Us

23) Corinne Cook-Blah Blah Blah

24) Larry Fleet-Where I Find God

25) Holiday State- I Ain't Like That

26) Lily Rose-Villain

27) Parker Graye-Last Rodeo

28) Priscilla Block-Just About Over You

29) Drew Green-Good Ol'Boy

30) Morgan Wade-Take Me Away