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EACM Chart Week Of October 2nd 2023

1) Lainey Wilson-Watermelon Wine

2) Frank Zaragoza-Another One

3) Danny McMahon-Forget About That

4) Luke Combs-Love You Anyway

5) Greg Strawn-This Way

6) Bernadette Kathryn-Broken By A Boy

7) Dennis Ledbetter-I Never Gave Up

8) Heather Browning-Baby Girl

9) Trent Prewitt-Redneck Royalty

10) Cash Creek-You're All I Wish About

11) Dr Friday-Stone Hard Rocker

12) Marty Rivers-Don't Ever Say Goodbye

13) Uncle Ryano-Twerkin' With A Twang

14) The Nadas-Other Side Of The 45

15) Randy C Moore-Mosey Off

16) EV Mae-Knee Deep In A River

17) Kim Hunter-Wild Texas Wind

18) Rusty Dillard-Can't Walk Away

19) Dimitris Nezis & Dawn Rix-All That Matters

20) David Alex Barton-Only Time Can Save Me Now

21) Megan Barker-CowBoys

22) Terri Knight-Flying

23) Justin Penter-Mile High In Denver

24) Billy James Brady-Ladies Still Love Cowboys

25) See Your Shadow Songwriting-Whatever On The Rocks

26) RaeLynn-What's Wrong With That

27) Dusty Leigh-Angry Right Now

28) Janice Hunter-It Ain't You Who's Broken

29) Diamonds & Whiskey-Warrior

30) Melissa Pettignano-Look At You 




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