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EACM Chart Week Of March 19th 2023

1) Paul Randy Mingo-The Richest Man Alive

2) Richard Lynch & Katelyne Adams-My Heart And Yours

3) Chantelle Mussell-Don't Let Me Quit

4) Rusty Dillard-Caution Light

5) Cash Creek-Big Loud Love Song

6) Pamela Hopkins-Squirrel Train

7) Karisa Kay-Let The Spirit Reveal The Beauty

8) Diamonds & Whiskey-Warrior

9) Lainey Wilson-Heart Like A Truck

10) Dennis Ledbetter-The Pen Don't Like

11) Parker Graye-Last Rodeo

12) Danny Kensy-Smoke With An Old Flame

13) Danny McMahon-Forget About That

14) David Alex Barton-This Angel Of Mine

15) Sonny Morgan-My Cherie Can Cook

16) Marty Rivers-I'm Available

17) Pascal Dennis-Covid In The Doghouse Blues

18) Brooke Moriber-This Town Made Us

19) Brandi Vezina-Gasoline

20) Restless Road-Growing Old With You

21) Derek Johnson-Can't Say No Girl

22) Dawn Rix-Worlds Collide

23) Todd Barrow-My Girl Crush

24) Drew Green-Good Ol'Boy

25) Kim Hunter-Gone

26) Corinne Cook-Blah Blah Blah

27) Scott Dawson-Least Of My Worries

28) Randy C Moore-Before Elvis

29) Lily Rose-Villain

30) Melissa Pettignano-Look At You




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